BookCampTO 2014


Since 2009, BookCamp events across Canada have been bridging gaps and building lasting relationships between publishers, authors, book industry professionals, and the general reading public. As our industry continues to grow and transform via new technologies and ways of connecting, these relationships must also continue to evolve.

Now that you have the where and when, here are some other things you should know:

What: BookCamp is an unconference – a conversation instead of a keynote.  That means all attendees are potential presenters and expected participants at the event. All points of view, backgrounds, and levels of experience are welcome. That also means all participants are responsible for themselves. While there is a certain amount of mob rule at a BookCamp, attendees are encouraged to vote with their feet, clean up after themselves, and speak up when they encounter something they don’t like.

Who: Everyone is welcome at BookCampTO: writers, technologists, publishers, readers, editors, designers, booksellers, book buyers, printers, librarians … anyone who cares about books. Please see BookCampTO’s Code of Conduct here.

Why: We love books, we love writing, we love reading, we love publishing.

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  1. The MENU is up!
  2. Sessions are being posted.

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