BookCampTO 2014 – Code of Conduct

As BookCamp is an attendee-driven event, you are the main reason for its success, and we want BookCamp to be welcoming and productive for all of you. As such, we ask all attendees to please be mindful of the following guidelines:

1. Please be respectful of other attendees and treat others as you would like to be treated. Everyone should be given a chance to speak, and all opinions should be considered equally. Try not to be the only speaker in your session if others would like to weigh in.

2. Please refrain from making offensive comments. Treat everyone else with respect. Racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other inappropriate remarks are not acceptable. Neither is harassment or aggression towards other attendees.

3. The CanBPA executive committee reserves the right to ask you to leave at any time if the committee believes you violated any part of this code.

4. When the session time is over, please conclude the discussion promptly. Further discussions can take place during breaks, outside of sessions, or at the afterparty.

5. If you have a complaint or issue about the event, we encourage you to address it with a member of the CanBPA executive committee.


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