CanBPA’s Mentor Mash event — a night of book industry intros and info

Calling all students, interns, and young publishing professionals:

On May 21st, the Canadian Book Professionals’ Association will be hosting an evening event at the Cadillac Lounge, designed to facilitate introductions and networking opportunities for those new to the industry. In what can be best described as a “group speed date,” students, up-and-coming professionals, and individuals hoping to get a foot in the door of Canadian publishing will have the opportunity to meet with industry veterans and virtuosos.

We’ve recruited experts from as many fields within the publishing industry as possible. Below, our star-studded list of experts:

Production: Valentina Capuani (Random House of Canada)
Sales: Sarah Labrie (Scholastic Canada)
Agent: Ali McDonald (The Rights Factory)
Publicity: Evan Munday (Coach House Books)
Design: Ingrid Paulson (Ingrid Paulson Design)
Digital Marketing: Lindsey Reeder (Random House of Canada)
Editorial: Alana Wilcox (Coach House Books)

How it will work:
There will be 8–10 of tables with five people at each table. Attendees can settle in with a drink while our experts move from table to table, meeting with each group for fifteen minutes. Each of them will give a short talk about their area of expertise, followed by an informal Q&A session.

This event will cost $10. Pre-registration is necessary. To secure a spot, you must reserve a ticket through Eventbrite ( Payment will be at the door on the night of the event (cash only).

For more information, please see our website or the event page, or email us your questions and someone will get back to you shortly.

Where: The Cadillac Lounge, 1296 Queen Street West, Toronto
When: Tuesday, May 21, 7:00–9:00 pm
Event website:

Mentor Bios:

Val Capuani, Production:

Valentina Capuani, Senior Production Coordinator, is a five-year veteran of Random House of Canada. She briefly held a position as Editor in Chief of her university faculty newspaper prior to completing her undergraduate degree in English, with a minor in Sociology. Post graduation, she worked at a manufacturer of plastic gift cards before pursuing a post-graduate certificate in Book and Magazine publishing. She is a fervent lover of paperback books with extents 288 pages or less, and swears by the GoBook epub reader app on her phone for all others.

Sarah Labrie, Sales:

Sarah Labrie has worked in the Canadian book publishing industry for five years. After graduating from the Creative Book Publishing program at Humber College, she held entry-level positions at BookNet Canada and the Association of Canadian Publishers. She then moved into a Sales and Marketing position at Hachette Book Group Canada, followed by a move into her current role as Mass Market Sales Representative for Scholastic Canada. Making great books available to kids makes her very happy.

Ali McDonald, Agent:

Ali McDonald is an agent with The Rights Factory specializing in children’s literature ages 0–18+. She had another life in the service industry before getting into publishing in 2009. While enrolled in the Ryerson publishing program, Ali landed her first internship with The Rights Factory and has in various capacities—agency assistant, editorial associate, associate agent, agent—been there since. She’s living the dream of having a job she loves.

Evan Munday, Publicist:

Evan Munday is the publicist for Toronto-based literary press, Coach House Books. Prior to his seven years at Coach House, he worked as marketing coordinator for the Literary Press Group of Canada and was briefly an intern for Cormorant Books. He studied at the University of Waterloo before completing Centennial College’s Book and Magazine Publishing Program. He is also the author of the Silver Birch–nominated book for young readers, The Dead Kid Detective Agency (ECW Press).

Ingrid Paulson, Design:

Ingrid Paulson is an award-winning book and magazine designer. She went to OCA (now OCAD U), and then worked for a number of years in marketing and corporate design. Answering an ad in NOW magazine, she somehow ended up as a book designer at McClelland & Stewart, which led to becoming Art Director at Raincoast Books (when they had a publishing division), and then back to Toronto to freelance for clients in Canada, the US, and the UK. She has lectured and instructed at various places, notably CCSP’s Summer Publishing Intensive at SFU, and has been honoured with recognition for her design work by Alcuin Society (Canada) and the AIGA (USA), as well as being invited to participate in the Lolita Project and NaNoWriMo’s 30 Covers/30 Days. She lives in Toronto.

Lindsay Reeder, Marketing:

Lindsey Reeder is a twenty-something who is obsessed with chocolate, coffee and books. It only made sense that she would choose a career in book publishing with a last name like Reeder. She got her start in Online Marketing by creating a book blog, aptly named Reeder Reads. She is an Online Marketing Coordinator for Random House of Canada, which essentially means she spends her days tweeting and blogging about books that make her laugh, make her cry, and everything in between. Follow Lindsey on Twitter at @reederreads or @RandomHouseCA.

Alana Wilcox, Editorial:

Alana Wilcox is the Editorial Director of Coach House Books, an independent literary press in Toronto. She is the co-founding editor of the uTOpia series and the author of a novel. She ended up at Coach House after working as a bookseller and freelance editor.